How to use Firefox with flair (A guide for non-techies)

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This guide is for my sister Martha, my favorite non-techie, and it explains how to use Firefox with flair. It doesn’t assume you’re a dummy, just that you’re motivated but not quite a computer junky. The steps will be clear and easy to follow, and the focus is on things everyone can benefit from.

If you’ve decided to browse with Firefox,1 why not learn to do it gracefully? It’ll make you happier and more efficient.

Before we begin, be sure to have the latest Firefox. As of 28/Feb/2006, the current version is and what follows will assume you have that version or a higher one. You get Firefox from GetFirefox.com.

With that you’re ready. Here is my guide (for non-techies) to using Firefox with flair:

+ Cherish your Pixels Easy

+ Degrade with Elegance Too Easy

+ Learn your Tabs Too Easy

+ Navigate with Style within a Webpage Easy

+ Make it Easy and Fast to Look Things Up Easy

+ Make Firefox Persistent Too Easy

+ Use Gestures of some Kind Medium

+ Learn to Love your Address Bar Too Easy

+ Install Yubnub in your Address Bar Easy

+ Keyword Your Way to your Favorite Websites Easy

+ Navigate through Tabs with Panache Easy

+ Treasure Your Memories Easy

+ Tweak Websites Advanced

That’s it. Hope you liked the guide and please let me know if something wasn’t clear enough or there’s something I missed.

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1.^ Chosing a browser is not a straightforward decision. It seems to me that:

If you want (or need) maximum compatibility with the de-facto web, just basic features, and are willing to put up with some insecurity, Internet Explorer is a good choice—but you’ll have to install Windows XP Service Pack 2 for the security to be tolerable (not great, just better), and the Avant plugin for features so basic as tabs.

If you want your browser to work out of the box with plenty of features, want it to be the fastest, and the most secure, Opera is a good choice.

If you’re a complete novice to the web who wants the cleanest, simplest browser, or if, quite oppositely, you’re a webhead who loves (or needs) to tweak her browser and wants innovative features (and is willing to install them as extensions), you are a web developer or a geek, or you believe in the importance of an open source browser, Firefox is the way to go.

I’ve used them all (happily) at one moon or another. Currently, I use Firefox and love it.

2. This is a pattern worth remembering: with “movement” keyboard shortcuts, adding Shift does the opposite movement. The examples that appear in this guide are CtrlShiftTab^, CtrlShiftN^, ShiftEnter^, and ShiftSpace^.

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