.03 release of The Economist reader!

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Much improved! http://elzr.com/reader It’s really getting fun now! Now you can really read the whole magazine in a single page! Plus: columns, much better design (section separators!), and… flags!

It’s still a very early release (the columning in particular will be much improved soon) so please be gentle and let me know what you think of all the changes. What do you like? What’s helpful? What would you like to see?

Note that there are some weird bugs in Safari, to be fixed later. And all bets are off on what will happen in IE, I don’t have a machine to try it in for the moment.

See the project’s history at http://elzr.com/posts/reader-economist

The page is pretty heavy, ~250k, but it still loads up in in seconds. It’s still much less than The Economist’s current front page, which overloaded as it is with flash ads, weighs a whopping 4MB!

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