You are five degrees away from Natalie Portman

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Sergio (MdC), one of my best friends, went last sixmonth to Ciudad Juarez WP for a paid internship he got through his school. He went there with a schoolmate that went for the same reason. This roommate, I learned a couple of days ago, turns out to have Gael Garcia WP as a cousin. Gael Garcia dated (dates?) Natalie Portman WP So You → Me → Sergio → Roommate → Gael Garcia → Natalie Portman makes for five degrees of separation. Which is a deep, marvelous fact about the world that you should ponder at length.

(Five degrees is only an upper bound WP. You, dear reader, could be even closer to Natalie — if so, please detail in the comments. You could even be Natalie herself — if so, my cell number’s on the left. Thanks!)

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