What money promises

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Of all the systems in society, money was the first to fascinate me. My recent years on bitcoin certainly built on that interest but it’s something I’ve been asking since I was a kid: what the hell is money? (Almost all responses have been annoyance at asking something so obvious.) I’m looking both for a theoretical, philosophical explanation, as well as a concrete, practical mapping of the huge system that is money now (it changes often!).

Felix Martin describes money a social networking technology in his brilliant 2015 book Money: The Unathorized Biography. Here’s a simple diagram of one of his dazzling perspectives:

Diagram of What Money Promises

Last night I finally watched 🎬 The Big Short. I loved it, though Margin Call remains my favorite film of the 2007-2008 financial crisis. Anyway, it reminded me that a few months ago Felix Martin’s book was a mind-expanding read.

I have this weird habit of lighting up books with 7-color depths (using fancy imported markers). Partly I do it to focus attention & make reading more interactive: it’s a great, fun challenge to try to structure linear text in place into something higher dimensional. The other reason is that my lighting becomes the physical evidence of my reading, the 🐜 pheremone trail networks of my thoughts, what surprised me & what I valued then.

Here’s an example of my lighting of pages 140 & 141 of Felix Martin’s Money:

Page 140 of Money Page 141 of Money

As I read the brilliant paragraph that splits across the pages I was surprised at how effotless it was to light into a complex structure. I couldn’t resist drawing a quick sketch trying to unfold it:

Sketch of What Money Promises

This has now become the more stylish diagram at the top of this post. I see the subtle argument serving as a corrective to both the conservative right —insisting on the sanctity of the network of indebtedness even when it has become clearly harmful & unsustainable— and to the self-righteous left —always seeing the readjustment of the network in terms of moral perversion & injustice in need of punishments and redress.

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