Visual Complexity

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Manuel Lima’s Visual Complexity is a massive — 350 works — showcase of cognitive art and a beautiful tour de force.

Pay for PerformanceDeath and TaxesUSA AirFigurative system of human knowledgeFlickr User ModelMap of Scientific ParadigmsTime Graphs: Sunsets by time (also check Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)Visual Correlation for Situational Awareness (read the paper, it’s worth it)Mark Lombardi’s Narrative Structure, and Inside cobot’s head rank among my favorites, what about you?

Tufte’s Museum of Cognitive Art ELZR is in the offing, I can smell it. La coyuntura es propicia.

Ironically, I must confess I sometimes preferred to reload the project’s homepage and quickly hit stop. The mosaic is beautiful and impressive, but also overwhelming. The thumbnails’ plain titles were more useful for the exploratory browsing I needed to digest the hugeness of it all.


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