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This past 3day weekend I went to Vallarta with my family. Our main purpose was to see my paternal grandmother, who is in Parkinson’s terminal stages.

CIMG1635 CIMG1636 CIMG1639 CIMG1643

It’s devastating to see her like that, she can’t move, she can’t talk, she can’t live — all I can think of is Yudkowsky’s words:

How dare the world do this to us? How dare people let it pass unchallenged?

But of course we let it pass unchallenged, we moved on and enjoyed the rest of our trip. I don’t really know what to say about that.

There was a pool,

CIMG1595 CIMG1588 CIMG1599 Pool


Chef Halo Chepe Sunset CIMG1680


CIMG1651 CIMG1747 CIMG1667 CIMG1669

and some weird food:

yaca (a stinkingly ((really!) delicious tropical fruit — just how weird can fruits get?)),

Yaca Yaca Yaca Yaca

kebab-style fish fillet (they’re everywhere on the beach and they’re surprisingly good),

Filete de Pescado

tuba (a mildly alcoholic, refreshing beverage made from the coconut),


and tamarindo (the surprise here was eating it raw — it’s really good)

Tamarindo Tamarindo! Tamarindo

Here are all the photos.

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