Today's Reading: The Perry Bible Fellowship

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Today’s reading, The Perry Bible Fellowship WP, has precious few words in it, it’s a comic strip. The most disturbed and weird one I know, at times insanely funny and original. There are over 163 strips in the archive so to make this into my Today’s Reading section (which is all about pithiness) here’s a selection of my favorites:

  1. Bunny Pit
  2. No Survivors
  3. Sun Love
  4. Raft Friends
  5. Trampoline
  6. Barbara and Rudy
  7. Hammer Screwed
  8. Not Today Little One
  9. Small Man
  10. New Specs for Ken
  11. Billy Bunny
  12. Reset
  13. Suicide Train
  14. Painter Piece
  15. Monkey Photographer
  16. Gopher Girlfriend
  17. Today is my Birthday
  18. Left Brain, Right Brain
  19. Walbert
  20. Love Lizard
  21. Bumble Buzzin
  22. Way too much
  23. Durab, Inc
  24. Food Fight

Their (brilliant) author is Nicholas Gurewitch, who also happens to be a very talented artist and movie director (The Forest ((Parental Advisory: It revolves around the weirdest cartoon hand-job), Ken’s New Specs)).

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