Today's Reading: 26 Most Fascinating Entrepreneurs

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A 2005 Inc. feature, I found it fascinating, even when uneven. Particularly recommended is Richard Branson’s writeup — rarely does one read so inspiring a portrait, an instant eemadge.

Here’s a compact index of each of the 26 entrepreneurs.

  1. Martha Stewart: because she took one for the team
  2. Richard Branson: because he’s game for anything. In fact, everything.
  3. Michael Dell: for being brilliantly straightforward
  4. Jim Sinegal (Costco): because who knew a big-box chain could have a generous soul?
  5. Diane von Furstenberg: for staging an elegant comeback
  6. Julie Azuma: for offering hope and help to the parents of autistic children
  7. Fritz Maytag: for setting limits
  8. Ray Kurzweil: because he is Edison’s rightful heir
  9. Craig Newmark (Craigslist): for putting the free in free markets
  10. Jack Mitchell: because his family business makes an art of customer service
  11. Frank Robinson: for whipping an entire industry into shape
  12. Mark Melton: for giving immigrants their shot at the American Dream
  13. Michelle Cardinal & Tim O’Leary: for rewriting the rules for husband-and-wife teams
  14. Mike Lazaridis: because someone had to stand up for all those frustrated engineers
  15. Trip Hawkins: for still scrapping
  16. Warren Brown: because only in America will someone quit a secure job as a lawyer to start a bakery
  17. Muriel Siebert: for being a notable first with a worthy second act
  18. Chuck Porter: for verging on reckless
  19. Katrina Markoff: for setting a completely unreasonable goal for her business
  20. Barry Steinberg & Craig Sumerel: for showing the power of the peer group
  21. Victoria Parham: for serving as a mentor to military spouses
  22. Tom LaTour: for staying at fleabag hotels so that we don’t have to
  23. Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams: for creating a true comfort zone
  24. Izzy & Coco Tihanyi: for kicking sand in the face of conventional wisdom
  25. Tony Lee: for saving 16 jobs, including his own
  26. Rueben Martinez: for simultaneously building a business and nurturing Latino culture
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