This blog is back

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This blog had been gone for quite a while, a while in which I never stopped writing, it’s just that I saved it to a local text file. You see, I wanted (and want) something quite different from this blog than what it is now and I was experimenting with new formats. I was close to figuring out what I wanted but then this whole wonderful Imagery media blitz got a hold of me and I’m focusing all my energies on it. So the new blog will be another while coming and I thought that it was pointless (and rude of my part) to not publish anything in the mean time.

Most of what I’ve been doing this past month or so has been reading my ass off. Oh boy, have I good taste or what:

All the above quotes were actually OCRed. Figuring out the software was one other thing I worked on and it has been quite a pleasant surprise (talking about OCRing, don’t miss Kevin Kelly’s recent Scan This Book! article — it’s long but boy ain’t it worth it). It’s all an important part of this new blogging idea I’ve been thinking about (for insights into where I’m heading, check out this post from Steven Johnson).

Future reading is quite more modest, mostly just Agile Web Development with Rails Second Edition (I’m not about to stay behind the Rails curve.), Tufte’s Envisioning Information (you can hear my heartbeat rising, can’t you?), Faulconnier’s and Turner’s The Way We Think and any two or more words on Javascript I can find (I’ll be damned but Imagery‘s next release will push the state of the art… and kick Microsoft’s Live.com image searching ass).

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