The unseemly meddley I call dinner

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The unseemly meddleys I call food

That above is badly-cooked, over-oiled salmon, soggy rice-a-roni, over-cooked sparragus, plasticky broccoli and cauliflower, overboiled potatoes and yams (you can barely see them above), mung bean sprouts, taro bread, and a strange honey white gourd drink. Phew! It was definitely too much but actually not that bad (might the secret of happiness indeed be low expectations?). It was sort of the first true full meal I cooked ever. Thankfully, I’ve improved.

The next day, for instance, I decided to split the meddley into breakfast and dinner and it worked much better:

A tasty cheese/ strange shroom omelette for breakfast.

Shroom omelette breakfast

And much better cooked salmon and asparagus for dinner (sublime, actually):

Salmon 2.0

So far everything I’ve cooked, despite is appearance, has been much better than the frozen food I’ve tried. It’s also cheaper and healthier than most restaurant fare. Cooking’s way too time consuming but also surprisingly rewarding — I feel pampered and oddly self-satisfied afterwards.

Any tips for this new “cook”? Favorite quick & easy & healthy meals?

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