The Opposite of Kevin

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English first names might be all the rage in Mexico ELZR, but haven’t you noticed how American Hispanic last names are starting to sound? I’m not just taking about Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, or Ricky Martin, I’m talking biotechnologist Juan Enriquez WP, essayist Richard Rodriguez WP, ELZR, dancer David Bernal YT, WP, Google’s George Reyes WP, ABC’s Elizabeth Vargas WP, filmmaker Robert Rodiguez WP, Synopsys’s Brian Cabrera F, cartoonist Michael Ramirez WP, YouTVPC’s Sam Martinez WSJ, actresses Sara Ramirez WP and Michelle Rodriguez WP, jurist Alberto Gonzales WP. It is not my intention to give a Hispanic hit parade WP, my only point here is how through habituation these most Latin of last names are getting an English ring to them.

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