The last third of 2016

Guadalajara, Mexico
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I really wanna tell you now
Baby, if I’m allowed
Maybe if I can teach you all the things I know by now
I really wanna beat the world
Baby, if I’m allowed

4 months. 121 days. That’s what’s left of this year 📅. Not a vast swath, a tiny patch of time. My patch of time to ⛏ plow and 🌱 sow and 🌽 reap. I’ve done some of the most challenging, most influential work of my life in patches about this long. In one, freelancing with Silicon Valley friends I made the capital that has kept me going for several years now (boom/busted in bitcoin). In another, I was part of the best team I’ve ever been a part of, changing the political history of my 🏙 city.

I want a 📱 web/iOS app out of these 4 months. The very first web app I cobbled together was a weird take on ⏱ time management. We have crude tools for working with time that amount to what a pen or a typewriter is for writing. We’re still far from a true killer app for time comparable to the word processor or the spreadsheet. I want to build such a thing: a time processor. Call it Notch.

I want to ✏ write something here in this blag at least every single day of the rest of the year. I’ve missed public writing deeply. One of my truest selves is these very words you’re reading. Another one is my self after (re)writing and (re)reading them.

That’s it, just these 2 things as my 🌟 lodestar and ⚓ anchor. 2017 will be the year of starting a local 💸 fintech startup (I have a thesis & a cofounder!), but while pieces for that set into place, what’s left of 2016 will go into this even crazier ⚗ experiment.

The other day I looked inside me and found a 🔥 rage to create. Let it be unleashed.

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