The end of my trip around the world

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Canada imposes visa on Mexico.

Effective today, isn’t it shocking, how fast the world can move? Yesterday, as a Mexican, I was able to travel to Canada without jumping through any hoops (other than border agents) for up to 6 months.

This effectively makes me unable to travel there, my ticket to Canada from London is in just a month, far too little to obtain a visa that even in Mexico can only be processed from Mexico City and that is sure to have a huge backlog with the extremely sudden imposition.

I lose my ticket to Canada and I have to get a ticket to Mexico (there’s no more developed world to visit visafree as a Mexican) in the highest season (>$1000 dollars one-way).

She was literally going to buy today her ticket to Vancouver to meet me.

I’m sad, stunned. I thought the world was moving in the opposite direction… Just yesterday, for no particular reason, I was idly daydreaming of a future North American integration.

In the age of globalization, my life is unexpectedly being defined by immigration tensions.

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