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Overall I don’t think it’s that good a presentation, but there’s one true (outrageous) gem worth repeating from Seth Godin’s recent talk at Google:

There is a belief among a lot of companies, especially in the valley, especially on this road, Amphiteater Road WP, that technology wins.. I don’t think it does. I think what technology does is it gives you a shot at marketing.

..I believe that.. what made Google work were some brilliant — maybe not intentional — marketing decisions. And those decisions have allowed you the freedom to do some really cool technology.

Well, ok, here are two more highlights:

[To Googlers:] You guys have built something for the ages.

Hummer and the Mini. The Mini small enough to put in the trunk of the Hummer — but they had a lot in common. For four years they sold at full retail, for four years they made a profit, for four years they had a waiting list, because they were on the edges. General Motors loses money on every mid-sized car they sell, because if you want to buy a mid-sized car, just buy a Toyota or a Honda, the cheapest one. It’s at the edges that people wait in line; it’s at the edges that people will notice you.

(Oh and this is also the first online video with captions I’ve watched. They’re really cool, even if buggy.)

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