Some possible reasons why people earn differently in different places

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Travelling all across the developed world this question’s naturally recurring. Here some likely fragments of the answer:

limits on people’s supply and demand

citizenship discrimination (racial, sexual…)


unique, hard-to-learn language and culture (say Japanese) geographic isolation

scale of market

personal ability

work ethics and kata education or experience intellect, body and disposition


regulations competition policies taxation tariffs

knowledge and application of economic metaprinciples

division of labor free trade private property (the machinery of freedom)

social capital and infrastructure

urbanization tangible
access to technology roads, telephones, public health measures… public transportation information technology


rule of law security public education, literacy access to finance intellectual property, public commons access to legal, tradeable property (think Hernando de Soto)

exploitation freeloading/happenstance

like how speakers from any country that speak English get access to unique opportunities for no other reason than speaking English natural resources (think Arab countries)

currency as investment

It’s a stab. Please help with more ideas that come to mind.

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