Simple ways to do good: Free your photos

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Logged in to your Flickr account, click on the YOU drop down menu and select Your Account.

Select the Privacy & Permissions tab.

Click the Edit link next to What license will your photos have.

You’ll now be presented with easy instructions to both select a Creative Commons license default for your future photo uploads and to change the license of all your existing photos. Creative Commons licenses are copyright licenses for you to legally let others use your work on your terms. You can, for instance, require attribution, that no derivatives of your work be made, that your work only be used for noncommercial purposes, and that if others build upon your work they release it under the same terms you did.

So this is an easy way to free your photos, on your terms; to explicitly build the creative commons from which we all build upon. Expect thank you emails — from some website that needed a photo to illustrate an obscure Italian dish, from some gal who used your photo of your city in a brochure.

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