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  • I studied math for 2 years at CIMAT because
  • I dropped out because I want.
  • I believe (or like to think) that web-app makers are the new rock stars. If so, I probably need to have my list of influences at the ready: # Ivan Sutherland‘s technology and courage. # Google’s “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” # Ben Shneiderman‘s direct manipulation. # Edward Tufte’s revelation of the complex. # Jef Raskin‘s modelessness, monotonousness, and app-lessness. # Doug Engelbart’s human-intellect augmentation. # Steven Johnson‘s interface design as the art form of the century. # Jaron Lanier’s post-symbolic communication.
  • I’m a bright: I believe in the natural world. I disbelieve of the supernatural.
  • I believe religion to be dangerous and stupid. I consider being religious a character flaw.
  • I’m a format freak. I can hardly resist trying to spruce up a document, any document, with format. Even when I wrote formal math proofs during college I went to ridiculous lengths to make things visually clear and neat. I see format through interface design glasses rather than graphic design ones.
  • I like design in all forms but my thing is interface design.
  • I like spinning. I do one hour early in the morning every day.
  • I like yoga but sans the crap. I stopped practicing because I haven’t found local sans-crap yoga.
  • I admire doctors. My sister is one. I admire my sister.
  • My sisters are my three favorite persons.
  • Food counts as a reason for living to me.
  • I’ll try any food. I believe every taste is an acquired taste.
  • I’m a bookworm big time. When I travel I like to visit bookstores. Amazon is my favorite store in all the world.
  • I’m into scifi.
  • I love music and have always wanted to learn to play something.
  • I love anglo culture.
  • I’m in love with America. I think of it as my country.
  • Ruby is my favorite programming language.
  • I admire my parents tremendously.
  • I’ve always been rather lonely and recluse but have become alarmingly so since dropping out.
  • Grey’s Anatomy is my favorite TV show ever. Past favorites include Friends and, in childhood, Dragon Ball Z.
  • I very rarely watch TV itself. I much often.
  • I believe in openness to the point of exhibitionism.
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