Seed Mag

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I’m ambiguous towards Seed. On one hand, it has excellent webdesign; features like a daily zeitgeist and cribsheets; articles like the unnerving Culture-shaping parasite, the funny Big in Japan, and the unexpected The Value of Small Things; and intriguing syndicated posts like Einstein in Lust and Getting Physical. Its Snowish WP slogan — “Science is Culture” — is pure genius.

On the other hand, it lacks good editing at times and can be glib, informal, superficial, and, well, too pop. I’ve been reading quite a lot of scientific articles lately and am thrilled by how rewarding it’s been. Yes, they can be dense, intricate, and dry, and the genre sure has its very own idiosyncrasies (ticks), but they are also clear, painstakingly crafted, in-depth, documented, and supremely interesting: distilled thought of the highest import. So I’m not sure if a popular science magazine is right for me now — perhaps, (gulp), I’ve outgrown them (and after the absolute fiasco that became my former childhood choice, Conozca Mas, I’m wary).

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