Saturday Night

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)Annzah’s was the first blog I read, back before there was a word for blogs themselves. A belle with a knack for writing, drinking, geeking, musicking, and partying — all with flair — , she used to blog her life at glitterkitty.net/anna: living and growing up in Sweden, her many girlfriends (wives, she called them), her parents (she’s a single child), her extended family, going through one strange boyfriend, moving to London, reading, cooking, clubbing, living with the second (webdesigner!) boyfriend, working at a bar and a clotheshop, getting hurt — falls, car-accidents (hates cars), whatnot — a surprising amount of times, and starting an English major. Her candid blog got her intermittently into trouble and after many false starts she finally changed to LiveJournal, where she blogs very different stuff, far too far and in between.

She was somewhat obsessed with Suede WP (whom I know thanks to her) and used many of their songtitles for her posts. Today Suede’s Saturday Night MP3 played randomly and I missed her suddenly, with a vengeance. "Having a public voice can make you a non-stranger, even to people you have never met. This is a post to her.

Oh, whatever makes her happy on a Saturday night
Oh, whatever makes her happy, whatever makes it alright

We’ll go to peepshows and freak shows
We’ll go to discos, casinos
We’ll go where people go and let go

Oh, whatever makes her happy on a saturday night…

Suede, Saturday Night MP3))

Blogs are many different things to all of us, but sometimes, if the stars align just right, they can be empathic enzymes of sorts. They have been.

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