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It may only be that my grandfather’s agony has me seeing everything with long-now eyes but these days I’m increasingly aware that I should take precautions in case I die.

I don’t want to die. I don’t shake my head and look away at death, I stand up in defiance. But the fact is our lives are still too fragile and faced with the possibility I would rather think things through.

Which is why I’ve written this short will. I shall edit and refine it as long as I’m living (with the latest version the official one, of course) and so I thought I should start now.

I name Chemie, my sister, as my executor

If I die, I

wish a 1-night wake with
Yann Tiersen’s discography as background soundtrack
no prayers or religious services of any kind
Eliezer Yudkowsky’s letter
read in English & Spanish at the wake
printed and given to everyone at departure

wish to be buried
wish my grave be marked by a white granite slab embedded on the ground (recumbent desk style)
on the slab, I wish this text (and nothing else) engraved verbatim:

eliazar parra cardenas
“I was so happy!”

wish for a pink Primavera tree seed to be planted behind my headstone so that one day its shadow may cover it

wish to donate all my organs
wish to donate all my books to the ITESM Campus Guadalajara’s library, except those that friends or family want to keep
wish anything I’ve written, coded, designed, or in any other way produced, to be released to the public domain
wish to give Jane (my desktop computer) to Chemie and Wu (my macbook) to Chefi

wish any other material possession of mine to be donated to charity, except those that friends or family want to keep

wish elzr.com be kept online, fully-enabled, forever
wish this to be posted as soon as possible

title: I was so happy!
body: I died.

salmon-of-doubt-ly, I wish that my entire harddrive be made available online (through elzr.com) to anyone for free, as technology permits (they’re 500gb after all)

particularly my “life-inside-one-big-text-file” text file and MyDocuments folder

wish that my gmail account be made available online (through elzr.com) to anyone for free

correspondents, however, may ask for any of their emails to be concealed and that wish shall be respected, as long as they live

If I were to fall into a likely irreversible comma, I

wish to be kept alive as long as it’s economically possible
wish to undergo any recovery treatment as soon as it has more than a 1% chance of success
wish that all the above death provisions be carried out, except of course the burying part and the organ donating one

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