My 1st SuperHappyDevHouse

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Back when I was a virgin I had a vivid if vague image of what sex could be, of what sex should be, that despite being at odds with the prevailing images around me and seeming simply unattainable at that time, was by me so taken for granted that . I believed in sex that didn’t need promises of forever love, sex between two consenting adults, . When I finally got lucky, it was marvelous deja vu, for I had been .

A similar thing happened with meetings. For a long time, I’ve had a vivid image of what a hacker reunion could, of what it should be, that was at odds with the prevailing images around

Today I’ve gotten lucky, I’ve attended my 1st SuperHappyDevHouse

SHDH24: crowd

SHDH24: SHDH24: Books! SHDH24: Food SHDH24: one of the 3 living rooms SHDH24: Oriental Garden SHDH24: OLPC

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