Mundo Latino - Stereo Total

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This Thursday I went to my first Stereo Total concert and it was great.

Chepe la loca Mundo Latino - Stereo Total!

Here is a video of the show (I took lots of them but the quality of most is worthless :() One weird thing was to see how old they are (yeah, I know, the ageism…)Francoise Cactus was in fact celebrating her birthday that day. They played only about an hour, but it felt like a long time because they hardly made any breaks and clipped most of the songs. I had a lot of fun, singing and dancing (which reminds me, Brezel Göring is one crazy dancer), and got to hear some new wonderful songs — the only one whose title I remember is Violent Love (a nice, slow, romantic song). I’ll have to get more of their albums!

I went with some beautiful company, my sister Chepe and my cousin Yema (speaking about beautiful people, that crêpe lady was real pretty — no photo though :(),

Drei Mundo Latino - Crepas

One nice surprise was Tahiti 80, a french electro-pop group I’d never heard of. They’re quite good (and funny!).

Tahiti 80 Tahiti 80

The lead singer spoke in a fantastic mix of Spanish, English and French. His goodbye was unforgettable:

Muchas gracias for coming c’est soir!

The organization was a complete mess (really!). Everything was late, there were no signs, and no one knew what was going on. If you go (you still have today and tomorrow), let me tell you one hard-learned secret you must definitely know: you can buy any product (say, a $7 ice cream) at the Holanda stand at the end of the exhibition area and get a $300 VIP ticket to the concert. Yes, I know, I don’t grasp the economics either but it’s true (though almost no one knows about it!). Of course we only found that after we had bought our $150 regular tickets. Oh well, we saved $150 bucks (the difference between a normal and a VIP ticket) and lost $150 bucks…

Oh, and if you go, I recommmend you park your car at the parking lot of the Banamex at the intersection of Xochitl and Lopez Mateos. You will have to enter through the exit, but it’s a safe and free place (“Clients only — Your vehicle will be towed” sign notwithstanding, no one will care if you park there :).

The crêpes are delicious too (take a picture ot the crêpe lady!)

Here is the rest of the photos.

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