Mi kredas je la bono.

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Mi kredas je la Bono. Kaj, male al multaj homoj, mi kredas, ke Bono tute ne simetrias kun Malbono, sed ege superas čin. Malbone konstruita domo disfalas. Bone konstruita rezistas al la atakoj, eĉ plej teruraj, de naturaj fortoj.

Claude Piron. Kial kaj kiel lerni Esperanton.
Oomoto, 1995, No 437, p. 22-24.
Taken from http://esperanto.mv.ru/Vojagxo/vojagxo3.html
Emphases mine.

I believe in Good. And, as opposed to many people, I believe that Good is not at all symmetric to Evil, but surpasses it by far. A badly build house falls down. A well built one resits the attacks, even the most terrible, of natural forces.

I’ve treasured this quote since I read it and the crucial semantic confusion — good as in righteous; good as in quality, as in utility — that lies at its heart, the one that English’s irregularity obscures, has never failed to cheer me up. For it’s a confusion I happily share.

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