Media Immersion

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Oh! In Tokyo, the New Trend Is ‘Media Immersion Pods’, a New York Times article from a while ago on Tokyo’s media youth, is important, very important. This is me, this is my generation.

And, really, what’s so wrong with getting lost on the Internet; watching soccer or baseball on satellite television; devouring Us Weekly or Time Asia; and organizing solo marathons of Tim Burton or Kurosawa movies? ) The craving for media sprees runs deep, and, like so many Internet-era developments, Gran Cyber Cafés seem to answer an almost carnal need for uninterrupted access to pixels and screens and Web sites and instant-messaging and iTunes. And when that need is satisfied, you can always return to life in the city, at least for a while.

And this is it. Screw Chinese, screw German or French (both of which I already studied for a year), I’m off to learn Japanese.

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