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No creo que ganen tales o cuales caballos porque les apostamos, sino que les apostamos para legitimar mejor nuestro deseo de que ganen, de que el ganar los haga nuestros.

..no deseamos a nuestros amantes por su belleza, sino que deseamos que tengan belleza para asi poder justificar nuestro deseo.

Fernando Savater, A caballo entre milenios, emphasis mine

I don’t believe these or those horses win because we bet on them, rather that we bet on them to better legitimize our desire for them to win, for them to become ours in their winning.

..we don’t desire our lovers for their beauty, we rather desire that they be beautiful so that we may justify our desire.

I can barely believe that this blog has been up for 2 years already (!) and I had’t yet posted this quote, which is one of all my all time favorites.

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