Lift France 09 participants

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I’m going to Lift France 09 tomorrow! Since a big part of my motivation for going was its focus on networking, since they encourage you to fill a profile on their site and over half of the >550 participants actually do it, and since the theme this year is “A hands on future”, I decided to do a quick re-interface their list of participants, which was too unwieldy for me.

{font-size:150; font-family:Georgia, serif}Check it out at http://elzr.com/lift%

All the participants are displayed in a single page so you don’t have to wade your way through paging. I crammed as much info as I could per pixel, it’s one huge mosaic of profile pics. It’s arresting to see, vistas this info dense are sadly too rare. You can search (their entire profile!) and results are updated as you type. There are tiny flags for a participant’s nationality. Profile pages are opened within the page, in an iframe, for easy browsing. Only Lift France 09 participants are shown (as opposed to the Lift website, where attendees to all previous conferences are searched for).

Again, you are live searching across the entire profiles of all >550 participants, type in a name, a country, an interest, whatever, and something interesting should come up.

It’s a quick, rough hack, and there are bugs here and there, and there are tons of extra features that I could add…

But it was already very useful to me, so I hope it is to you too. :))

Note that it’s a fairly big page (though regular websites are now even bigger, when you count in the ads) and there are many images, so give it some time to load at the beginning. Once set up, it’s quite snappy.

Also note that I have no idea how it will look in Internet Explorer, I don’t have a Wintel to try it on. It works just fine in Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.

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