Language pondering

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Extracted from a dialogue with Chepe.

How would you say “unos novios comiendose a besos” in English? What’s the English phrase for “comiendose a besos”? Do you realize there’s no ready equivalent of “novios” in English? There’s “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” but no “novios” (a word for a gf and her bf). Couple is probably the best ersatz but there are subtle differences. “Couple” hints of a more formal, older-people affair than “novios.” It’d feel strange to call two tweens in love a couple, but it’d be perfectly normal to call them “novios.” If I were to announce that “Bere y yo ya somos novios” I wouldn’t use the stiff and over-formal “Bere and me are now a couple”, I’d say “Bere and me are now officially a couple.” Now, in what dictionary do you find that officially is often used to de-emphasize formality?

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