Just another Thai meal

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Another day of beautiful food. As have been the case as far back as I can recall these days. Hog heaven on Earth, me proclaims it. I feel so blessed.

Khanom Kui Chai: Fried vegetable puddings sold by a smiley street seller. Chewy and delicious, swimming in sweet sauce and sour sauce.

Luk Chub: tiny colorful mock fruits made of bean paste (!).

Yum Tua Poo: winged bean salad with chicken, egg & shrimp, bathed in a tasty tasty curry. With steamed white rice on the side, of course.

Sai Grok Esan: North-eastern style Thai sausage with lettuce, fresh ginger, chillies, shallots (little, mild-flavored onions), lemons and peanuts. The sausage was lightly grilled but everything else was raw. This was a stellar dish. All the pieces may seem randomly assembled but they go together superbly. Crunchy, nutty, sour, pungent, fresh, fatty, spicy mouthfuls. The fat in the sausage even makes bearable chewing the chillies directly.

Then Bua Loy Nam Khing, sesame-filled rice balls in hot ginger soup, for dessert!

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