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And where does the newborn go from here?
The net is vast and infinite.

Ghost in the Shell

2,151 persons visited Imagery 2 days ago, 6,790 visited yesterday, 3,655 have visited it today (as of this very moment). It made it to the del.icio.us homepage. It made it to LifeHacker. Blogs in 22 languages have talked about it.

It’s been overwhelming. I’m compulsively refreshing my stat counter every 20 seconds. I feel so tiny, so standalone everytime it hits me that as I go to the bathroom 30 more people, somewhere in the world, have tried the website. But that the world is a weird, humongous place you knew, what has baffled me as I obsessively researched where everyone was coming from was what a surreal, boundless nonplace the web is. These last two days have shown me a dazzling array of bizarre organisms — mashups, filters, feeds, composites, parasites, symbiots, recomposites, bots, leeches, scams, automators — that thrive on the web, underneath the hood.

Oh, and one more thing: the sheer, brutal, speed of it all. It took two days and one email to Emily Chang (Thanks Sean!) to go from a pretty much forgotten website to this.

The present’s baffling.

As an exercise in vanity, here’s some compulsively gathered, up-to-the-minute updated, biased media coverage of the website (mostly blogs):

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  1. Emily Chang – eHub: Imagery (eHub)
  2. Imagery alternate Google Images search  (LifeHacker)) “a fancy-pants alternative front end to Google Image search.. a viable front end for power image searchers” Comments:
    • “Imagery is indeed very nice” — wallacetheweasel

  3. Imagery: an alternate to Google image search with more features and options (Digg)
  4. Imagery: An alternate interface for Google Images (Download Squad) “a slick front-end for Google Images that adds a pile of features.”
  5. Great Google Image browser! (RutRow)
  6. links for 2006-06-09 (Kate’s Ramblings And Wanderings) “A beautiful interface for searching google images. Really cool.”
  7. Imagery — AJAX Enabled Image Search (Software Gadgets) “Imagery has Google beat at this game.. I’m impressed.”
  8. Google Images Redone (Daily Link) “Until I used Imagery I never realized that [Google Images] could be done better.”
  9. Imagery – An interface to Google Image Search (Rock Tech Talk)
  10. An interface to image searching. (Ma.gnolia)
  11. Today on the Web (Shaun Trennery) “A cool interface to Google Image Search”
  12. Imagery : Powerful Alternative Google Image Search Interface (Quick Online Tips) “Can Google Image Search be improved? Imagery is the answer… definitely the first place I will head to”
  13. Better way to do a Google image search (The Smirkin Chicken Forums) “Shorting GOOG, huh? How many shares?”
  14. Best of the Interweb (Throw the Mind) “Google Images, I think not.”
  15. neat websites (Hipinion.com) “sort of a google image search enhancer. really cool..”
  16. Incredible image sourcing (Egocyntric)WOW! where the Hell have i been? this is too cool.”
  17. Googling Google; Oracle Shudders (IT-Director.com) “…quite awesome, if you’ve ever searched for an image on Google.”
  18. That really is how they fight in prison (Techno Geek) “It’s awesome and leaves out the bullshit…”
  19. a better google image search (razzledazzlefish)
  20. UI for GOOGLE Image Search (Omkar 4 Design ♪) “a nice UI”
  21. An Alternative Interface to Google’s Image Search (ResearchBuzz) “This is a really nice interface. Well thought out and allows you to do a lot of searching and viewing without leaving a page.. Kudos.”
  22. The Daily Grind 906 (Larkware News) “Nice alternative interface to Google image search.”
  23. Imagery Search Interface (slight interruption) “You will love this site. It’s nice and clean and is very efficent.”
  24. Imagery – an interface to Google Image Search (JonStar) “Cool idea.”
  25. Google Question (denden forums)
  26. Google Image Search On Steroids (Imagery) (FriedBeef’s Tech) “an extremely usable, user-friendly and feature rich of image upgrade to Google Image Search, Imagery shows Google how it should have been done in the first place. Jakob Nielsen would be proud.”
  27. Alumni Information Resources: Full record: Imagery (The University of Edinburgh) “a lot of image information in a really nice format”
  28. imagery (Recommended) “a neat new image search engine.. There really isn’t much to say about it because it’s very simple and efficient and pretty much self explanatory.”
  29. Reviews of elzr.com/imagery/ (StumbleUpon) Comments:
    • “Quite simply: astounding. This is an image searching tool which beats the hell out the Google image search, and is less irritating than image searching on Flickr.” — RavennaGirl
    • “Presents the results of a Google Image search in a far more user friendly way.” — Avalon-Aqua
    • “This is much better than google.com/images in terms of interface.. has a phenomenal look.” — rationale
    • “this interface is indeed art.” — kh7
    • “A beautiful interface for searching google images. Really cool.” — katyggls
  30. Internet Images (Auburn University Libraries)
  31. Resources By Subject: Images (Coates Library)
  32. Picture Search Site, Very Neat! (Phil’s Feathered Friends) “Just love the way the site is set up too.. I hate FF [Firefox] but make an exception in this case as I like the site so much.”
  33. elzr.com/Imagery/ – The Better Way to Search for Images (KillerStartups) “Imagery takes searching for images to a new level.”


  1. La ricerca di immagini con Imagery (motoricerca) “Un nuovo motore di ricerca per immagini che sfrutta la tecnologia Ajax per rendere pià veloce e piacevole l’utilizzo e la consultazione delle informazioni.” (Google Translate: “A new search engine for images that takes advantage of AJAX in order to render faster and more pleasant the use and consultation of information.”)
  2. Mix: Yahoo! Photos, Imagery, Google Browser Sync (lucatogni)
  3. Ottimo sito per cercare immagini (asphalto.org))
  4. Imagery: un interfaccia di ricerca alternativa per Google Images (Download | blog.it) “una validissima alternativa” (Google Translate: “A most valid alternative”)
  5. Imagery (aFblog) “gradevolissima” (Translation: “Most agreeable”)
  6. Cercare immagini su internet (Amorevoli sessuali) “il tutto in stile molto web 2.0!” (Google Translate: “the all in style a lot web 2.0!”)
  7. Immagini Da Paura dal Mondo (Sualocin Board)
  8. Free Surfing Trip (:: Autistici Inventati : Blog ::) “un’interessante e potente interfaccia per google images.” (Google Translate: “an interesting and powerful interface for google images.”)
  9. Imagery (Ga Me) “È la prima volta che vedo qualcuno superare google usando lo stesso stile e gli strumenti stessi di Google.” (Translation: “It is the first time I see someone surpass Google using the same style and the same instruments of Google.”)
  10. News Flash: Picasa web albums, ricerca immagini con imagery (Blographik) “un potente motore di ricerca per immagini molto semplice ed intuitivo.” (Google Translate: “a powerful search engine for images that’s very simple and intuitive.”)
  11. Motori di ricerca (Confindustria)
  12. Produttività innanzitutto! Grazie a Google e non solo – Web 2.0, i siti della settimana (MyTech)


  1. Web2.0 イメージ検索 Imagery (Web2.0 Style) "ã?œã?²ä¸€åº¦ Imagery を試ã?—ã?¦ã?¿ã?¦ã??ã? ã?•ã?„。" (Google Translate: "By all means please try trying one time Imagery. ")
  2. webshotsブックマーク – ソーシャルブックマーク
  3. WEB2.0的サイト 画�専門 検索elzr.com/imagery/ (最近�話題 connecting the dots)
  4. Imagery – an interface to Google Image Search (Hatena::Bookmark)


  1. Imagery, otro interface para Google Images (Genbeta) “aquí tenemos una herramienta mucho mejor que la original” (Translation: “Here we have a much better tool than the original”)


    • “felicitaciones al artista” —luis (Translation: “Congratulations to the artist.”)
    • “Realmente impresionante, tiene muy buena pinta, que original forma de buscar imágenes…” —luis ((Translation: “Really impressive, it looks very promising, what an original way to search for images…”

  2. Birrefringencia Multidimensional » Imagery: (Birrefringencia Multidimensional)  “me gusta, te la recomiendo, sobre todo porque está hecha por un mexicano, de Jalisco” ((Translation: “I like it, I recommend it, especially because it was made by a mexican, from Jalisco”)
  3. Imagery, nuevo buscador de imagenes (PixMedial) “basado en las busquedas de imagenes de Google pero más potente y con una excelente interface este nuevo buscador promete, veamos cuanto dura como independiente capáz que Google lo adquiera… no es malo.” (Translation: “based on Google Image Search but more powerful and with an excelent interface this new enginge holds promise. Let’s see how much it manages to stay independent, perhaps Google acquires it… It ain’t bad.”)
  4. Imagery, un buscador que mejora Google Images. (HispaMP3)
  5. Imagery, interfaz para Google Images (Bitelia) “en mi opinión es una gozada para realizar potentes búsquedas de imágenes.” (Translation: “in my opinion it’s a real treat for doing powerful image searching”)
  6. Imagery | Macropsia (Macropsia) “me ha gustado bastante y hace el uso del Google Image Search mucho mas atractivo” (Translation: “I’ve liked it a lot and it makes Google Image Search much more attractive”)
  7. Imagery, explora Google Images más cómodamente “si te gusta lo que encuentras en Google Images pero no te gusta como lo encuentra puedes usar Imagery” (Translation: “if you like what you find through Google Images but not how you find it you can use Imagery”)
  8. Imagery, un buscador que mejora Google Images. (GameFenix) “esta genial, por que uso bastante el de google” (Translation: “it’s awesome, since I use Google’s a lot”)
  9. Imagery: Buscador de imágenes (DigiZen)
  10. LA PECERA SERVICIOS INFORMÁTICOS (La Pecera) “Imagery, cuyo interface es tan minimalista y agradable como el propio Google…” (Translation: “Imagery, whose interface is as minimalist and agreeable as Google’s…”)
  11. Imagery, interfaz para el buscador de imágenes de Google (Meneame) “un aspecto visual más agradable [que Google Images]” (Translation: “a more agreeable visual aspect [than Google Images]”)
  12. Imagenes (Acentillo) “una herramienta muy útil” (Translation: “a very useful tool”)
  13. Interfaz superchula para Google Images (El Pollo Matutino) “Un buen trabajo, digno de figurar en todo bookmark que se precie de serlo.” (Translation: “A great work, worthy of every bookmark library worth the name.”)
  14. Imagery otra forma de buscar imágenes (Vecindad Gráfica Diseño Gráfico)
  15. Imagery, una interfaz diferente para Google Images (De Todo Menos Orden)
  16. “una manera mas comoda e intuitiva [de buscar imagenes], ademas de tener unas funcionalidades muy interesantes” (Translation: “a more intuitive, comfortable way [of searching images]; as well as having very interesting features”)
  17. Imagery (La Gatera Digital) “Facilita las búsquedas de imágenes y permite funcionalidades bastante útiles.” (Translation: “It eases up image searching and provides pretty useful functionalities.”)
  18. Nuevo buscador de imagenes imagery (noth) “Muy rapido” (Translation: “Very fast”)
  19. Imagery – an interface to Google Image Search (Tacs)
  20. Webs: Imagery, otro buscador de imágenes (Programación Web y Videojuegos) “Conozco gente a la que le ha encantado este buscador. Pero a mí para nada.” (Translation: “I know people that have been charmed by this image searcher. Not my case at all.”)
  21. Un par de datos (psicoexcesos) “intermedia la búsqueda de imágenes en Google de una manera muy práctica” (Translation: “it mediates Google’s image search in a very practical way”)
  22. Ajax + Google Image Search = Imagery (Leandono’s Blog)
  23. Buscador de imágenes Imagery (­danimalaga) “mas fácil y mas bonito” (Translation: “easier and prettier”)
  24. Julio-Agosto 2006 (recerK) “¡Esto está bastante bien!” (Translation: “This is pretty cool!”)
  25. Imagery, el buscador de imagenes “Magnifica interface con multitud de utilidades que aun seran mas cuando acabe su desarrollo. Muy recomendable.” (Translation: “Magnific interface with a multiple of features that will be even better when it reaches maturity. Very recommended.”)
  26. Ronda de links (pixtorm blog) “..muchas opciones de búsqueda y organización de resultados, buena herramienta.” (Translation: “..many options for searching and organizing results, good tool.”)
  27. Ronda de links (pixtorm blog) “..muchas opciones de búsqueda y organización de resultados, buena herramienta.” (Translation: “..many options for searching and organizing results, good tool.”)
  28. Imagery, el buscador de imagenes (Tecnomadas XXXL) “..No es de extrañar por lo tanto que vayan naciendo productos que le intentan sacar ventaja [a Google Images], como el IMAGERY del mejicano Eliazar, un tipo que hace cosas de guru, que los guruses no hacen aun.” (Translation: “..It isn’t strange then that many products are being born that try to improve Google Images, like IMAGERY from the mexican Eliazar, a guy who does guru stuff, gurus don’t make yet.”)
  29. Imagery, genial interfaz para buscar imágenes en la red (Webadictos) “..una de esas aplicaciones irresistibles a probar.” (Translation: “..one of those apps you can’t resist trying.”)
  30. Buscador de imagenes inteligente basado en Google Images. (TeImagino) “..uno de los mejores buscadores de imágenes y fotos muy curioso y destacado..” (Translation: “..one of the best image and photo search engines. Very interesting and remarkable..”)
  31. Imagery – Buscador de imágenes (MuchoGrafico) “El formato me ha agradado bastante y la presentación de resultados y la forma de tratarlos es muy buena y nos ofrece bastantes opciones…” (Translation: “I’ve quite enjoyed its format and the way it presents and allow you to manipulate results is very good and open-ended..”)


  1. imagery (SevenLoad) “Tolle Suchmaschine für Bilder.” ((Translation: “Crazy Image Search Engine”)Comments:
    • “Das gefällt mir habs gleich zu meinen Favoriten aufgenommen!” — MoFu (Translation: “I liked it. I immediately added it to my Favorites!”)
  2. Eine alternative Bildsuche (Apfel((B)log))
  3. Imagery (awokenMIND) “Imagery ist ein schönes Interface für die Google Bildersuche.” (Translation: “Imagery is a beautiful interface to Google ImageSearch”)
  4. Bilder suchen (Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin)


  1. Então cá fico… (You’ve Got Mail)
  2. Google Images já tem descendencia (Tux Vermelho)
  3. Nova interface para busca (Thiago Corbari Feldhaus) “um brinquedinho bem útil da web dois ponto zero” (Translation: “A very useful little web 2.0 toy”), “uma nova interface, mais funcional e intuitiva, para o Google Images” (Google Translate: “a new interface, more functional and intuitive, for Google Images”)
  4. imagens: imagery… (blog.meira.com) “a interface proposta por imagery é muito interessante [e interativa] e vale a pena ir lá e dar uma sacada.” (Translation: “the interface proposed by Imagery is very interesting [and interactive] and worth giving a try.”)


  1. Imagery圖片�索網站 (螞蟻‧夢)
  2. imagery��一个Google图��索界� (The sky of Daemon!)
  3. imagery 基于Google图��索 (美味 Web2.0)
  4. Imagery,æ??å?‡Google Image Searchçš„å?¯ç”¨æ€§ (Jan’s Tech Blog) “Jan喜歡Imageryçš„” (Google Translate: “Jan likes Imagery”)
  5. 好用的圖片æ?œå°‹ç¶²ç«™ — Imagery (lzy’s 543 )
  6. Imagery 圖片�尋 (阿佑的雜記)
  7. 2006.06.15 貓兒 書籤/網摘 ♣ (貓兒♥心誌)
  8. Imagery (Flickr: MilchFlasche)
  9. Links for the day (Mike’s Social Bookmark)
  10. Imagery – 新概念的图åƒ?æ?œç´¢ï¼Ÿ (Web2.0Fan.net)
  11. 图片æ?œç´¢ç½‘ç«™ — imagery (PostShow)
  12. 介�一个Fx only的图片�索网站 (Mozilla Firefox中文社区论�首页)
  13. [好網站]æ?œå°‹åœ–片的超級引擎:Imagery (pshadowçš„è—?寶箱) "Imagery是我目å‰?看é?Žæœ€æ£’的圖片æ?œå°‹å¼•æ“Žï¼?" (Google Translate: “Imagery is the best display I have seen pictures of search engines!”)


  1. ПоиÑ?ковик изображений (WebLinks)
  2. Link: Imagery – an interface to Google Image Search (.:: ju ::.)
  3. комментарии форум (Internet@Mania)
  4. ПоиÑ?ковик изображений (Raznogo.net)


  1. Az egyszerű használhatósága (2.0)


  1. Imagery Search Interface (Beertjes)
  2. Plaatjes zoekmachine (Alt 148)
  3. Gratis plaatjes (Moqub’s bibliotheek van dingen)


  1. Alternativer til Google bildesøk (Beertjes)
  2. Alternativer til Google bildesøk (Bare gratis programvare)


  1. Interface dla Google Images – Imagery


  1. Imagery (code :: red :: lt)


  1. Dünyanın en iyi ÅŸeyleri (odtumezunlari.gen.tr)


  1. Imagery : Une interface pour Google Image (Jinfoo.Blog) “une interface de visualisation se substitutant parfaitement à ‘Google image’.” (Translation: “a visual interface that substitutes Google Images perfectly.”)
  2. messenger, news, ebay, images (Olivier Vaunois … The Blog) “un site web de recherche d’images bien plus pratique” (Translation: “a very practical image search website”)


  1. Servei de Biblioteca i Documentació (SBD) – Guies Temàtiques (Universitat de Lleida ) “Permet cercar imatges al Google de manera intuïtiva.” (Translation: “It allows image searching at Google in an intuitive way.”)


  1. Smart applikation til billedsøgning ( Internetsøgning)


  1. cái search interface này .. hay hay (9uyá»…n @нь 7uấ)


  1. רשימת המועדפי×? ×”×?ולטימטיווית (חדשות -×”×?רץ)


  1. �미지 검색엔진 Imegery
  2. �미지 전문 色다른 검색엔진 등장 (�터넷 �슈, 가십 & 가젯 by Outsider)


  1. Tipy na víkendové surfovanie (SME)


  1. گزیر توصیه هایی برای جستجوی بهتر در اینترنت

The website has also been quite a success in *Del.icio.us too, where almost 1000 people have bookmarked it. Lots of them left nice comments too: *

  1. "imagery是一个基于Google图åƒ?æ?œç´¢ï¼Œåˆ©ç”¨AJAX技术构建的图 åƒ?æ?œç´¢ç¨‹åº?,感觉比Google图åƒ?æ?œç´¢æ›´æ–¹ä¾¿æ˜“用。" —sloogo (Google Translate: “Imagery is a picture-based Google search, using Ajax technology plan as a search process, feeling more convenient user-friendly than the Google image search.”)
  2. “An AJAX interface for google images. Extremely neat.” —samank
  3. VERY COOL!” —norseman
  4. “I like this. It works — in firefox only for now — and looks good too.” —UrbanWild
  5. “All the search results you want on one page — no wasted space” —psychofaerie
  6. “Interface bacana para o sistema de busca de imagens do Google” — (Portuguese, apparently “bacana” means “cool” or “hizzle”)
  7. “a very good site for image search” —premanvk
  8. “Muy 2.0 y además mejora bastante la interfaz original de google” —pekasios
  9. “インターフェースã?Œç§€é€¸” —masato (Google Translate: “Interface is superexcellent.”)
  10. “Google images but not ugly.” —morrowjo
  11. “An amazing interface to Google Image Search. Very intuitive!!” —jonkopp
  12. “Very nice way to find images” —rferrer
  13. “Streamlined interface to Google search” —bandicot
  14. “Excelente buscador de Imagenes” —xemuj
  15. “A pretty neat front-end to Google Images.” —mike_compitello
  16. “Great Image search.” —ArtofReanimation
  17. “Well-styled and intuitive interface to Google Image Search.” —jfsiii
  18. “awesome interface for searching images with google.” —jdblacklung
  19. “ユーザーインターフェイスã?Œè‰¯ã?„” —jugyo (Google Translate: “User interface is good”)
  20. “A better way to Google ”p">(Images)" —billifer
  21. “Improved Google Images Search” —CyanSmoker
  22. “a neat little interface hack” —53os
  23. “Imagery is an alternate easily navigable, well customized and a powerful interface for Google Images.” —chanduonline
  24. “Mieux que google image” —Hierron ((Translation: “Better than Google Images”)
  25. Great simple slick interface to google image search —davaodude
  26. é?žå¸¸å¥½çš„æ?œç´¢å¼•æ“Žç•Œé?¢è®¾è®¡ — cp.cp.cp (Google Translate: “Very good search engine interface design”)
  27. “better interface for google image search” — cnturner
  28. “really nice Google Images tool” — Ratcatcher

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