Icons on Arts & Letters Daily

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, from its UserScripts page. (You need to have the GreaseMonkey Firefox extension installed first.)

Icons on Arts & Letters Daily is a simple script to add website icons to the links in Arts & Letters Daily. This adds a visual layer to the all-text site that enables you to quickly scan its sources.

(Click ↑ this for a bigger screenshot.)

The tiny script (less than 10 lines!) is designed for non-obstrusiveness, the text layout is changed only once and from then on icons load quietly. Icons are also half-transparent to not be too distracting.

The home page of Arts & Letters Daily has around a thousand links (archive pages have even more) so the page will take a while to fully load but you can start reading just as fast as before, as mentioned before, icons will load (or fail to load) quietly.

Website icons are tiny logos that each website gets to choose, they are the icons that you see in tabs. Read more about them in Wikipedia.

Hope it’s useful. Please let me know what you think about it in the comments.

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