Hope, not fear

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Yesterday’s post ELZR on a recent essay by Thomas L. Friedman made me remember just how good the man is and how much I enjoyed his latest book, The World is Flat. Today I chanced upon this MIT lecture1 in which he discusses the book at length and it may be even even better than the book itself. Friedman’s a master storyteller and shines in front of a live audience. The video quality is pixel-art at best but no matter, I promise you this hour and a half will be one of your day’s highlights (and when you watch it, don’t miss the answer to the final question posed to him: “How can an open society be secure?”).

Friedman himself’s a very interesting man — Mediterranean studies Brandeis WP B.A., married to one of the hundred richest families in America, won every journalistic accolade there is — don’t forget to check out his pedia and this U.S. News & World Report writeup on him (listing Friedman as one of America’s best leaders).

fn1. While you’re at it, give the MIT Video Index a good browse, there’s good stuff aplenty.

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