Happy Birthday Rails!

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Time is turning yet again: a beloved CIMAT teacher just send me one more of his one-every-24-months email, my 2nd out-of-school anniversary is around the corner (September 14), and today I found, via Joel1, that Rails just celebrated its second anniversary itself (yup, we were born to the web around the same date).

Let’s share a brief moment of guilty pleasure for proving them wrong, then move on to the longer lasting pleasure of simply sticking to it for our own sake. And have understanding for those conditioned by past disappointments to classify all that is new and ripe with passion to be uninteresting, to be all hype, no calories.

We’re past the point of infatuation, this is love, and love is inclusive. Happy birthday Rails, happy birthday Railers.

David Heinemeier Hansson, Rails steps into year three

1 Who, incidentally, got into a weird, but well-deserved, skirmish with DHH some days ago.

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