Glorious nights

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“I’ve always accepted my groggy mornings because they come with my glorious nights.”

— Alan Berliner VSL

%(p))anglo latin; the origin of latin america as a word; my high school wasn’t bilingual, it was English with Spanish as a second language; I always say math and language are the same ability because they’re the same thing, math is just specialized talk about numbers; but then zoology is just talk about animals…; the difference is that math is, in a farly unparalleled way, advanced through language itself (as opposed to, say, zoology, which, advances chiefly through observation); the way forward in language is through logic; logic is syntax; understanding is synthesizing and paraphrasing; {an algorithm just like flooding to create a machine that understood, as previously defined — one wouldn’t even need to define what a word is}; Wikipedia syntax highlighting! %

Glorious, thought-drunken night.

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