Ghost in the Shell

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Movie Director: How was it?

Major Motoko Kusanagi: I certainly wouldn’t say it was a bad movie.

But no matter what kind of entertainment it is… it should be temporary. With no beginning or ending, the audience is bewitched into not letting go of a movie like this.

I don’t think there’s anything wonderful about that. In fact, it’s rather harmful.

Director: Oh, harsh. You’re trying to say that we should return to reality, right?

Major: That’s right.

Director: There are people in this audience who have unhappy things waiting for them if they return. If you take away the audience’s dreams, will you also take on their responsibilities?

Major: No, I won’t. Dreams only have meaning because we struggle in the waking world. Just projecting yourself into other people’s dreams is the same as being dead.

Director: A realist, eh?

Major: If you call someone who runs away from reality a romantic.

Director: Such a strong girl. Call me when you’ve made your beliefs reality. We’ll come out of this theater when that time comes.

Ghost in the Shell – Standalone Complex: Tachikoma Runaway/The Movie Director’s Dream — tachikoma-runaway-the-movie-directors-dream-escape-from/episode/303378/summary.html, Mary Claypool

I don’t think it needs much context but this conversation takes place inside some sort of virtual reality where dozens of people are voluntary trapped watching an endless film. A favorite quote of mine. I had to transcribe it myself because it’s nowhere to be found around the web. Weird, that.

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