Future Posts

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To publish before the heat death of the universe:

  1. I Fell In Love With Yoga
  2. Me, Myself, and Exercise
  3. Why Reading Virginia Postrel’s The Future and its Enemies Got Me Out of a Math Degree (And How Paul Graham Held My Hand Later On)
  4. How to Use Firefox as a Text-Reader.
  5. How I Finally Got Criticism with Interface Culture & Understanding Comics
  6. In Defense of Prejudices
  7. Paean to Contraceptives
  8. On Premarital Sex
  9. How to Use Winamp with Flair
  10. Prefiero Lo Fresa
  11. The Perry Bible Fellowship: The weirdest comics you’ll ever, ever read
  12. No amamos a nuestros amantes por su belleza
  13. Secrets of Language Learning
  14. A List of Fruits
  15. A Wikipedia Feature Proposal
  16. Analogies
  17. Music Search and the Future of Google
  18. How to Learn Esperanto
  19. Azureus’ 3d View: a Beautiful, Dense, Self-Explanatory Example of Information Design
  20. On Youth (and Foolish Ambition)
  21. A Personal Theory of Love
  22. Urban Sensibility. Media Enjoyment.
  23. I Used to Fly
  24. The Synaptic Mesh That Is My Mind Seems To Have Reached a Link Tipping Point. The Same Goes For The Web.
  25. Reasons to Love Web Design
  26. Mejor, la Verdad
  27. Una Introduccion a Fernando Delgadillo
  28. Como Todas las Mañanas
  29. Sobre el Peje y Cosas Peores
  30. Memetic Alert!
  31. Those Pfizer Ads Are Pure eemadges!
  32. I Want To Be Selfish
  33. City Driving
  34. Art Definition
  35. Una Introduccion a Akwid
  36. Doug Engelbart’s Stages of Mankind
  37. Borges, The Information Fetishist
  38. Ghosts, A Novel
  39. A Summary of Summaries
  40. Conceptual Blending
  41. A Dictionary of Language Extensions
  42. 18 Pages of True Math (Or Why Minus Times Minus Yields Positive)
  43. Discographies and Sturgeon’s Law
  44. Internet & Electricity
  45. Ten Reasons to Drop Out
  46. Systems (My Kind)
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