Folksonomic Serendipity

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Some weeks ago I was very interested in folksonomies because I was trying to build yet another one (though a political one at that). During my journeys I found out that Del.icio.us has a special kind of tag for filetypes — system:filetype:FILETYPE_HERE. Mixing it with the popular tag, I found many truly wonderful media shards for the filetypes that came to mind — mp3, jpg, jpeg, pdf, gif, png, mov.

Here they are, lest time forgets:

A huge, detailed map of sexual perversions (image, notes)
Safe for work, worry not.
Cheat-Sheet Galore
Web 2.0 Idea Cluster (image)
A visual comparison of screen sizes (image, notes)
VGA, SVGA, XGA, WUXGA, whatnot. Useful when buying a new monitor.
A Manifesto for Networked Objects — Cohabiting with Pigeons, and Aibos in the Internet of Things (pdf, notes)
The “Pigeon that Blogs”, a “blogject”, is alone worth the price of admission.
Windows Sounds, Concerto Style (music, 4.02 mb, notes)
It’s eery how I have a kneejerk reaction to most. To quote a del.ici.ous user: “se puede ser mas friki que crear una melodia asi?”
Web 2.0 palette (image, notes)
A palette of colors taken from Web 2.0 web-apps.
Linux File Structure (image, notes)
Just a simple, helpful diagram.
‘A scanner darkly’ Trailer (movie, 30.4 mb, notes)
Wow, this is truly surreal. Aren’t you floored at times at what we can now do visually?
London Symphony Orchestra: Super Mario Bros theme (mp3, 3.57 mb, note)
As with Windows’s sounds, it’s surprising how engrained into our heads these little tunes are.
Dial scan of New York’s FM band the night John Lennon died. (mp3, 7.14 mb, notes)
James Surowiecki’s The Wisdom of Crowds presentation — Saturday, March 11th (mp3, , notes)
This is a great talk — and I only found it thanks to the phenomenon he’s describing!
SXSW06 Bruce Sterling – Closing Talk (mp3, 22.2 mb, notes)
Fantastic talk. I’ve read him, of course, but he’s even better live ranting.
‘UnheardFilm: the new soundtrack festival’ trailer (movie, 7 mb)
Street DJ (movie, 1.08 mb, notes)
Nudibranch Love (movie, 4.92 mb, notes)
Cool 360° cartoon panorama of SOHO.
Super Furry Animals – At Least It’s Not The End Of The World (movie, 20.4, notes)
The Amen Break (movie, 34.4 mb, notes)
A nerdy, practically voice-only introduction to the “amen” break.
Birds (movie, 15.1 mb, notes)
No, you have not seen everything.
Little Red Riding Hood meets Japanese gory kitsch (movie, 36.6 mb, notes)
Oh, the bizarreness of it all…
Kid Beyond demo (movie, 13.7 mb, notes)
Beat-boxing they call it, “the art of creating beats, rhythms, and melodies using the mouth”, and it is amazing.
Blendie (movie, 5.37 mb, notes)
I want that blender!
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