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I owe Bill for introducing me to Here comes another bubble, a fantastic parody on bay area culture that most of you will probably have seen by now but that I can’t just not put here because it’s pure genius.

The most interesting part for me was to discover how most every reference was familiar. At a recent Stanford conference on legal futures (ah, I love the bay area!) there was talk of how national newspapers created the national conscience needed for nations to emerge and how something similar may be happening with the web. This video definitely felt like that to me — somehow or other, thousand of miles away in Mexico’s center and having never visited it before, bay area culture became my culture.

I’m reminded of xkcd’s legendary comment: “I’m waiting for the day when, if you tell someone ’I’m from the internet’, instead of laughing they just ask ‘oh, what part?’”

Oh, and btw, that glib, charlatanish, bubble milking attitude parodied in the video was one big thing that kept me away from the bay area for a long time. While I have stumbled on it once in a while, it’s easy enough to ignore and often comes not out of guile but out of Sturgeon’s law and just how damn hard it is to predict in advance what will end up being important.

Who of all the wise could have foreseen it? Or, if they are wise, why should they expect to know before the hour has struck?

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

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