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Lorelai: Come on!

Rory: Wait. Come on where?

L: Inside.

R: We can’t go inside.

L: Why? Is there a force field or something around the place?

R: This is Harvard.

L: I know.

R: This. Is. Haaarvard.

L: I. Knooow.

R: You can’t just go inside. You need a guide.

L: I’ll be your guide.

R: What do you know about Harvard?

L: I know this: Look. There is Harvard.

R: Mooom…

L: Hey, don’t you want to see it? Huh? The place where you be living and studying and developing very naive but pretentious worldviews that will come crashing down the minute you graduate.

R: Yeah, I do…

Gilmore Girls, The Road Trip to Harvard

Out of college but still smack in the very-naive-but-pretentious-worldviews phase.

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