Coffee & Tejatli

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Yesterday I went to the first International Gastronomic Fair in Guadalajara and it was on the whole quite bad, but I did chance on several interesting finds (photoset):

I found, for instance, this Oaxacafé coffee. Now, I couldn’t care less for the grounded coffee itself but I still forked 5 bucks for it because the packaging is so damn gorgeous. I’ll keep it near as a design talisman.

Oaxacafe front Oaxacafe back

I also bought tejate in powder form (tejate is a weird but interesting prehispanic beverage from Mexico’s south).

Tejatli front Tejatli back

I really fancied these unnatural, unnecessary white tendrils smack in the middle of a food shot.

Design tentacles

The Japanese are scary.
Every day I find a new thing they’ve turned into an art. Yesterday it was garnishing, which they turned into Mukimono:


There were some bland cooking lessons afoot under some seriously cool lamps.

Cool lights

My total lack of talent for wine tasting was confirmed but, to my surprise, I’m liking the taste of wine more and more every day.


Oh and isn’t this ad just wonderful?

Great ad

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