Blackboxing is how you do things with computers

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to blackbox could be to reify thru interface. To suggest or implement a conceptualization thru interface. A basic strategy for synthetizing reality, it stems from an active rewriting of the famous duck test: “If I make this look like a duck, and quack like a duck, I may as well be able to conceptualize it as a duck”. The conscious, deliberate, “I make” part is crucial; to blackbox is not just to simply conceptualize, is to wilfully conceptualize something by painting an interface on it.

(Contrived)) Usage Examples:

  1. “In modern programming, we blackbox our way out of complexity thru functions, objects, aspects, macros, and the like.”
  2. “Money is our society’s blackboxing of wealth, that is, of ‘what people want.’ We ought to remember it when trying to ‘make’ money.”
  3. “With the magic of silicone, you too can blackbox yourself a pair of massive pointy hooters!”
  4. “At this point, perhaps a better title for this essay is probably ’An easy way to blackbox your own file-extension.”
  5. “The Kuratowski definition of an ordered pair as {{a},{a,b}} is pure blackboxing.”
  6. “In defining the class PlanePoint, from the stored attributes xPos and yPos you can ”p">(and probably should) blackbox Distance from them thru the distance formula."
  7. “Let’s wrap these almost-expired candies with this cute cellopane bag and this lace bow, and blackbox them into a ‘Super Saving Kit’.”
  8. “I’m dying for someone to blackbox reputation, population, authority — the whole memetic shebang — thru some kind of social software.”
  9. “Don’t you find it amazing how blackboxing lanes and pedestrian crossings on the street thru mere painting can be so useful?”
  10. “Let’s blackbox operating systems away thru browsers!”

The word comes, of course, from the technical meaning of blackbox: “a device or system or object when it is viewed primarily in terms of its input and output characteristics.”

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