Bizcochitos de Poder

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I can’t believe it has been almost 20 megaseconds since I started this blog (so long already?) and I’ve never talked about them:

Bizcochitos de Poder

Well, if you must know they’re simple cookies I got quite obsessed with some years ago. An acquired taste WP, they’re way too dry for the uninitiated but just perfect with constant (cold) sips of Arizona Lemon Tea, Bonafont Levite, or milk. They come in several flavors but for chocolate all of them are to be avoided like the plague. They’re advertised like energy biscuits (“bizcochitos de poder” for the in-crowd) and I say the label’s fitting, though in my opinion not so much for any energizing properties they may or may not have, but because they can quickly, cheaply ($1), and somewhat healthily fill your stomach and let you go on with your late night spree (remember Bere?).

A small bakery from my city WP, La Integral, makes them, but I’ve had reports they now sell them (in your nearest OXXO) as far as Monterrey WP (near the US border) and I like to think I had a tiny wee part in it. ;)

(I’m only linking to the products’ websites out of some sense of customer loyalty, the pages themselves are as lousy as you can get — really, truly, blatantly hideous.))

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