Aza Raskin

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This personal description still has me happy — it gives me the hope ELZR Friedman talked about at the end of his MIT lecture — and, well, befuddled. I mean, how can you do so much in so little time, how? I found it on the about page of Humanized, a collaborative blog on interface design and business-to-be. (He is the son of Jef Raskin WP btw, that explains some of it.)

Aza Raskin

Aza brings over six years of interface design and consulting experience to Humanized. He gave his first talk on interface design at his local San Francisco chapter of SIGCHI at the age of 13, got hooked, and has been speaking ever since. By the age of 17, he was talking and consulting internationally; by age 19, he was coauthoring a physics textbook because he was too young to buy alcohol; and at age 21, he started drinking alcohol and co-founded Humanized. Aza has also done Dark Matter research at both Tokyo University and the University of Chicago, from where he graduated with honors in math and physics. For recreation, he does Judo, speaks Japanese, and invents in his lab. He also enjoys playing the French Horn WP, which has brought him all over the world as a soloist. Be warned: Aza is an incorrigible punster, so please do not incorrige.

On the flip side, it cheers me up that such blatant A geniuses (read the entire about page for the rest of the profiles) are interested in my chosen area too. Interface design will be the art form of the twenty-first century. Mind my words.

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