Around the world for ~$2k

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Been playing with travel sites all day, (Kayak FTW!) and I discovered several interesting anomalies with which I plan to tour the world for some $2k in air travel. Flight arbitrage, if you will.

(p)Guadalajara ↔ Toronto ↔ London ↔ Tokyo ((at least!)

You see:

Putting it all together, my plan is to buy the following round trips: Guadalajara-Toronto, Toronto-London, London-Tokyo. I travel from Guadalajara to Toronto, then to London, then to Tokyo, where I stay 3 months. Then I return to London, where I stay some 6 months (to travel cheaply around Europe), then I return to Toronto and stay some 3 months, and only then do I return to Guadalajara.

All this for some $2k!

It’s a tad complicated and wasteful, and I need to plan far ahead, but the price’s pretty good, right?

Can you think of something else? Know any other anomalies? Youth discounts? Passes? Got any tips?

I haven’t bought yet but I think I will soon!

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