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I’m concentrating all future improv’d daily’s — Uruban, PLBRS, ELZR, Domburi, NotReality — , scant though they certainly are, in this post. Let’s begin:



Major improvements here.

  1. Using jQuery now, which, as I’ve said ELZR, is pure joy and without which I don’t know how I would have gotten around IE bugs.
  2. Big changes to the parsing algorithm which mean all new layout bugs! (Particularly in the phrase section, things sometimes get jumbled.) The upside of this and the reason for the change, was, well better layout. Particularly, I wanted ordering numbers to be out of the definitions, just like those of this list are, and not mixed into the definition like they originally are in DRAE. Many other tiny, but pretty layout improvements all around (Orthography notes are now handled appropriately, for instance).
  3. Caching! DRAE can be painfully slow sometimes and so now every word is cached, which means that if you look for a word someone has already searched for it’ll come up google-fast.
  4. Commas! You can now search for several definitions at the same time separating them with commas, fex ELZR “impudicia, lujuria, lascivia”.
  5. Inner links now work! It was much more work (blame browser’s crazy handling of accented characters) than I expected but they now work beautifully. If a link points directly to a particular meaning of a word, it will even be highlighted, try it by searching for “crema” and following the dieresis link.
  6. Phrases and other minor content are now wrapped in an extra section, which can be minimized either on a case per case basis or once and for all (in which case, your selection is remembered). This is a great boon since DRAE is known for ridiculously long extra sections (check, fex, “piedra”)
  7. Height and width can now be adjusted! You can now have 2 or 3 columns and force 1, 2, or 3 rows per screen height. Your settings are remembered!
  8. Each definition can now be minimized or closed through a handy title bar! Minimize hides everything but the title bar. Double click the bar to minimize/restore. Closed windows can be brought back in the next 5 seconds through a GMail-style undo message.
  9. Better abbreviations. As promised, abbreviations like “Usado o usada o usadas o usados” are now shortened algorithmically to the shortest common substring — in this case, “Usad.” This is usually better even than DRAE’s default abbreviations, which in this case would have been a paltry “U.”.
  10. AccessKey Hit Alt + E to go to the searchbox at any time. This is why it’s dEfinir and not Definir.
  11. Many tiny design improvements — like better styling of abbreviations, examples, grammatical categories, and phrases.
  12. YubNub! PLBRS is now available through the plbrs command at any YubNub-enabled search box!


  1. Welcome text and a table of contents.
  2. Each entry now has a permalink.
  3. Many tiny layout improvements, like putting the directory info in a table and giving it better formatting, smaller thumbnails, and having the defined concept of an entry in bold à la Wikipedia.
  4. New entry: Il Tavolo.
  5. Much improved entry: Viva el spinning Guadalupe.


  1. New graph meant to explain visually what scraping is.



  1. Icons! Minimize, maximize, and close icons. Nice and big, with shiny hover.
  2. Many bugs in the parsing algorithm corrected! Things still get jumbled together, but much less frequently than they used to.
  3. Controls to adjust font size.
  4. Controls to maximize/minimize all definitions in one click. This can be handy, say, if you want to keep all open definitions at hand but want them to take as little space as possible.
  5. Height and Width adjustments renamed Row and Column adjustments. It’s much easier to understand this way.
  6. Minor design improvements. Titles are now highlighted, for instance.

Remember to hard refresh (Ctrl-R) to see the most recent changes!

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