All back'd up!

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In a historical moment for me, today marks the first day my computer is fully backed up on the cloud (using Mozy and loving it).

Funny how there’s nothing better than deep, painful scarring to make you take abstract dangers seriously: (Almost) losing all my data 2 months ago made me a backup fiend, missing one crucial note. Losing some important notes finally made me set up version controlling and start committing my notes file (~40k lines!) on a regular basis. And being data raped by the border patrol made me encrypt my computer and password-protect it and my iPhone (with a strong password).

And yet, even with the motivation of fear, I just dreaded having to learn all about backup systems, version control systems, encryption and security systems… And so I didn’t. I just found the easiest thing that could possibly work and learned the least I had to to set it up. I’m taking it from there, moving forward with just-in-time learning and the occasional fancy to learn more about this detail or other (which suddenly becomes so much more important when you and your stuff are riding on it).

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