A mas como, menos por que

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It was interesting stumbling upon Jorge Wagensberg ELZR in Daniel C. Dennett’s Freedom to Choose AM. Interesting because Dennett quotes exactly that one aphorism ELZR from Wagensberg’s book ELZR I never could give any sense whatsoever — proof that you can never outrun your ignorance.

The complexity of a living individual minus its ability to anticipate (in respect of its environment) equals the uncertainty of the environment minus its sensibility (in respect of that particular individual).

Jorge Wagensberg, Complexity versus Uncertainty: The Question of Staying Alive
It is, I believe, equivalent to aphorism #77 of Wagensberg’s Si la naturaleza… ELZR book

But also interesting because googling for the article where he coined the phrase I found out Wagensberg just published a new book of aphorisms: A mas como, menos por que. What is more, here’s an (Spanish) essay of his, selecting and commenting his 11 favorite aphorisms. Wonderful!

The article, btw, I found.. But it’s $32 and I’m currently bitching about the price. “Information wants to be expensive, because it’s so valuable. The right information in the right place just changes your life…” WP

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