In praise of a confirmation email

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This may sound silly but I was happy to read such a well-crafted confirmation email. Notice the avoidance of empty superlatives, the non-patronizing, the effort, not to sound hip or flippant or “professional”, but to be useful. The complimentary premium articles were the extra touch that made me want to share this with the world. This is persuasive (marketing) writing at its best.

Thank you for registering with The McKinsey Quarterly.

As a member, you now have online access to a selection of articles reflecting McKinsey & Company’s latest thinking on a broad range of functional, industry, and regional topics. Our site is updated at least twice a week with new articles and features.

Your membership entitles you to a number of free services, including our monthly e-mail newsletter highlighting the site’s latest content, as well as alerts notifying you when we post new content in your areas of interest. You may adjust your e-mail preferences here at any time: http://www.mckinseyquarterly.com/links/18371

((If your Internet provider filters incoming e-mail, please add e.mckinseyquarterly.com to your list of approved senders to make sure that you receive the e-mail alerts and newsletters to which you’ve subscribed.))

As you may be aware, many of our articles are premium — available only with a subscription to our print publication. These are identified on the site with the letter ‘P.’ As an introduction to the full value of mckinseyquarterly.com, please accept complimentary access to three of our most popular premium articles by following the special links below:

Enjoy the site!

Stuart Flack
Publisher, The McKinsey Quarterly

info@mckinseyquarterly.com, The McKinsey Quarterly Membership Confirmation

The McKinsey Quarterly is impressive by itself too, most interesting and with the best graphs I’ve seen since The Economist (and they present them inside sexy, useful Flash “exhibits” that allow you to zoom in/out and pan around).

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