3-question test

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Idling at the pool with my sister Chepe I came up with a 3-question test I specially liked. I have no psychological training whatsoever (nor do I believe in much of it) so I don’t have any ready-made answers at the ready if you do decide to answer it. But I promise it will be interesting and make you think (and that’s as good a yardstick for doing something as any).

Pay special attention to the wording and the intended meaning. It is not whether you would rather be intelligent or empathic, is whether you would prefer to have some more intelligence or some more empathy than what you already have.

3-question test

(1)) Would you rather have more intelligence or more empathy?

(2)) Would you rather have more 1) or more self-confidence?

(3)) Would you rather have more 2) or more self-control?

My answers btw, are empathy, empathy, and self-control.

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