3 goals in life

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Enough dithering and self-doubt! Enough digressive reading & unfocused, unmotivated learning! Time to act! Act! Act! As of this very moment and for the coming months, I shall have this 3 (and only this 3!) overriding goals (in order of importance) for every waking second:

  1. Network. Meet interesting people. Make cool friends. Find likeminded souls and start projects with them.
  2. Make webapps. Churn them out as fast I can.
  3. Get fit. I’m starting the Body for Life program.

Sundays are free days though, the days for cleaning, chores, grocery shopping, and free-form reading & eating. Oh, and I’ll be taking 45-min siestas every day!

There is, also, one inescapable 4th meta-goal: create and nurture an environment that allows me to focus in only my 3 goals. I thought I had this one figured out already but lately the ground has moved and not only will I be moving to a new apartment soon but I may be losing my car :(, so I’ll have to spend a lot of time re-settling.

Anyway, here we go! (Do wish me luck!)

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