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All the world is full of knowing men, of most learned schoolmasters, and vast libraries; and it appears to me as a truth, that neither in Plato’s time, nor Cicero’s, nor Papinian’s, there was ever such conveniency for studying as we see at this day there is. Nor must any adventure henceforward to come in public, or present himself in company, that hath not been pretty well polished in the shop of Minerva. I see robbers, hangmen, freebooters, tapsters, ostlers, and such like, of the very rubbish of the people, more learned now than the doctors and preachers were in my time.

Francis Rabelais, Five Books Of The Lives, Heroic Deeds And Sayings Of Gargantua And Pantagruel, see eemadge #334


Medical data mining at its finest. Enter a disease and get a list of related drugs and treatments, with graphs and metrics of their published outcomes. Do check out their screencast. The product of an Oregon AI team, their hope is to make evidence-based medicine a real-time thing for both doctors and patients — they’re admirably close.

This is exactly what those of us with feverish dreams of augmenting human intelligence mean when we babble about the possibilities of automatic symbolic manipulation.

(Via Visual Complexity ELZR)

Visible Body

This just in (via KurzweilAI.net): a FREE, online, interactive 3D model of the human body. It’s Internet Explorer only, requires registration, and is a massive resource hog, but who cares for now, this is beautiful.

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